Durazo CQC (Close Quarter Combatives)

Durazo cqc ( Close Quarter Combatives) is a result of over 30 years experience in different forms of martial arts. For the last two decades my focus had been Kajukenbo and Escrima. Durazo cqc consists of Kajukenbo, Escrima, Combat Muay Thai and Aikido. Utilizing anything practical that is combat effective. Sercuerdas Escrima (Cabales Serrada) is now being incorporated into our fighting style. The goal and primary focus of our teaching is to expose more people to reality fighting and street self defense. Surviving an attack on the street is the reason for our training. Along with reality training, we will whip your body into shape utilizing aerobics, anaerobics and plyometrics. To prepare you physically as well as mentally to defend yourself when necessary. You have to want to challenge yourself and know that you have it inside you, and to push yourself to do more than you ever thought you could. We have an awesome program for getting you into shape, building confidence and learning realistic combatives to defend yourself.  Start your journey today in gaining the knowledge and confidence that you need to defend yourself and your family. Missing Link mma is the place to be!!! WHOS NEXT???

I want all my students to learn and become better than me!

I've always been the warrior type, I will train until I pass-out. I've always been that way!

I care about my students more than I do their money.

I expect all my students to be honest, helpful and respectful.

Who's Next?

I don't tap!

Conquer or die!

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Even if you fall on your face, you are still moving forward.

Sifu Art Hugues
Sifu Art Hugues